Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Our Dosing Guide gives dosages for common over-the-counter medications used in children.  These medications are dosed according to weight. 


mg = milligram
tsp = teaspoon
ml = milliliter
cc = cubic centimeter
dppr = dropperful
1 cc = 1 ml
1 tsp = 5 cc

To calculate your child’s dose, look up his or her weight in the Dosing Guide and read across to the proper dose for each medicine listed.  If you do not know your child’s weight and if your child is too young to stand on bathroom scales, a simple way to determine his or her weight is to first weigh both you and your child as you hold him.  Then weigh yourself alone.  Subtracting these two numbers will give you a fairly accurate weight for your child. 

The doses listed in the Dosing Chart are standard doses which are safe for your child.  In some situations we recommend doses of these medications which may be slightly higher or lower than the doses recommended on the packaging of the medication.  This should not concern you.  If our advice calls for doses which are dramatically different, please ask us the reason for this.

If your child takes an overdose of any medication, call POISON CONTROL right away.

The phone number is 1-800-376-4766 or 501-686-6161

Use of Acetaminophen

Never treat fever in an infant less than three months of age unless advised by a physician.

Dosage: Every four (4) hours.  IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please be aware that there were previously two liquid dosage strengths of acetaminophen.  The old concentrated Infants’ Drops had 80 mg per 0.8 ml (dropperful) while the Children’s Suspension has 160 mg per 5 ml (teaspoon).  There is now a single strength available. However, there may still be some old concentrated drops around so we want you to be aware of this.   Because of past dosing mistakes involving the concentrated drops, all manufacturers of acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol) have discontinued production of this concentration.  The “new” infant strength will be the same as the children’s strength of 160mg/5ml and will be labeled as Infants’ Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Oral Suspension.  Although you will be giving your baby a larger amount of medication, the dosage will be the same because it is not as concentrated.  

When to use: Acetaminophen should be used to reduce fever and relieve pain.  Acetaminophen has no anti-inflammatory actions.  Prior to using acetaminophen for fever, you should consult the fever section of this handbook on page 14.

Side effects: Acetaminophen taken at proper doses is very safe.  Only if an overdose of the medication occurs is there a likelihood of any side effect.  Beware – large overdoses of acetaminophen can be deadly.  This medicine should be kept out of reach of your children.  

Note: If a child has a particularly high fever, sometimes we increase the dose of acetaminophen above these dosages.  You should only increase your child’s dose when directed to do so by a physician because of the risk of overdosing and liver damage.


 Do NOT use acetaminophen if bottle labeled 80mg/dropperful. 

Dosing Guides by Age/Type

Infants & Children Acetaminophen Oral Suspension (Brand: Tylenol)

Infants’ & Children’s are the same strength but may have different dosing syringes/cups.

WeightInfants’/Children’s Suspension160mg/teaspoon (5 ml)
6 – 11 lbs¼ teaspoon (1.25 ml)
12 – 17 lbs½ teaspoon (2.5 ml)
18 – 23 lbs¾ tsp (3.75 ml)
24 – 35 lbs1 tsp (5 ml)
36 – 47 lbs1 ½ tsp (7.5 ml)
48 – 59 lbs2 tsp (10 ml)
60 – 71 lbs2 ½ tsp (12.5 ml)
72+ lbs3 tsp (15 ml)
Infants & Children Acetaminophen Oral Suspension (Tylenol Brand)

Infants & Children Acetaminophen Suppositories (Brand: FeverAll)

WeightInfants’ 80 mg/suppositoryChildren’s 120 mg/suppository
12 – 17 lbs12/3 
18 – 23 lbs1 ½ 1
24 – 35 lbs21 ½ 
36 – 47 lbs2
48 – 59 lbs2 ½ 
60 – 71 lbs3
72+ lbs4
Infants & Children Acetaminophen Suppositories (Brand: FeverAll)

Meltaways/Chewable Acetaminophen (Brand: Tylenol)

WeightChildren’s 80 mg TabletsJunior 160 mg tablets
24 – 35 lbs21
36 – 47 lbs31 ½ 
48 – 59 lbs42
60 – 71 lbs52 ½ 
72 – 95 lbs63
96+ lbs4
Meltaways/Chewable Acetaminophen (Brand: Tylenol)

12 Years Old to Adults

Take two Regular Strength (325mg) acetaminophen tablets every 4 hours as needed – not to exceed 10 tablets in 24 hours