Your infant’s first visit to Central Arkansas Pediatric Clinic is an exciting and sometimes stressful time.  Often it is one of the first “trips” you make with your newborn.  Juggling everything is still new to you, so we want to make this visit as easy as possible.

Forms and Information

Our new patient information form can be printed, completed and brought with you to your visit.   Either or both parents will also need to be prepared to present a valid driver’s license.  It is our practice to scan the driver’s license into your child’s demographic record with us.  Our staff uses this to protect the safety of your child by matching the picture on the ID to the adult bringing the child for care on subsequent visits.

Alternate Consent Form

We require an Authorization for Alternate Consent be on file for each patient.  This gives you, the parents, the opportunity to identify other adults that have your permission to bring your child to CAPC for care.  You can include grandparents, baby-sitters and/or trusted friends.  CAPC staff verifies the adult presenting with the child for care is listed on the Alternate Consent Form if the child is not accompanied by a parent.

Adding a newborn to your insurance policy

Most insurance companies allow 60-90 days for you to add your newborn or newly adopted infant to your insurance coverage. If you miss this window, you may not be able to add your child until open enrollment with your employer. The Human Resource Department at your (or your spouse’s) employer should be able to guide you through this process.